Crayelle is the creative expression of the wine we love to drink; a subtle European-style wine that finishes as elegantly as it starts and ages extremely well. 

Wine with balance, character and longevity.

It’s been said that great wine is a conversation. This, in essence, is my ambition: to create wine worth listening to. Interested in joining the conversation?  We invite you to join us at our tasting room in Cashmere, WA and enjoy a life of “balance, character and longevity!”

~Craig Mitrakul

Recent Awards & press

Seattle Wine Awards

- 2015 Rose, Spanish Castle Vineyard, Ancient Lakes AVA - Double Gold

- 2015 Albarino, Evergreen Vineyard, Ancient Lakes AVA - Gold

Wenatchee Food & Wine Competition

- 2015 Neve's Blanc, Ancient Lakes AVA - Gold Medal

About Us

For the last 18 years my husband and master winemaker Craig Mitrakul has helped some of Washington state’s most well known and respected wineries achieve their dreams. Now, with Crayelle Cellars, we are are achieving ours.

We produce a limited run of about 600 cases a year, which allows us to get to know most of our customers by name (many of whom we’ve shared a bottle with). For us, this is the beauty of wine: the conversations it sparks, the meals it enhances and the people it brings together. Very few things complement a gathering of friends better than a great bottle of wine!

At Crayelle those great bottles of wine start with grapes from the Ancient Lakes of the Columbia Valley AVA. After a small lifetime of exploring and making wine in various grape growing regions around the globe, we settled in this area precisely because the growing conditions are perfect for producing grapes that fit our style (fruity, refreshing whites and elegant blended reds).

It’s Craig who then crafts those grapes into the Crayelle vintages. A career professional winemaker (with a Master’s Degree in enology from Cornell), Craig has loved making wine for as long as I’ve known him. What has always impressed me: his focus on making great wine for people who love wine. He puts tremendous care and detail into every bottle.

And it works.

I hope you enjoy his wine as much as I do!

~ Danielle Mitrakul